HSSA strives to create, maintain, and encourage a social and intellectual community for postdoctoral scholars, visiting scholars, visiting student researchers, and graduate students in the humanities and social sciences.

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Admir Skodo, President of the HSSA and Sam Castaneda, Director of the VSPA, visited the University of Seville in Spain in April 2017 in order to help them to improve their services for visiting scholars. Admir and Sam met with vice-chancellors, professors, visiting scholars, and graduate students. In this context, the University of Seville has decided to try to create an association based on the HSSA model, and Admir worked with Mar Loren, a previous HSSA board member and professor at Seville, to create an action plan.

The HSSA has co-sponsored a conference on logic and literature which will be held on April 14-15. More information can be found here.