HSSA strives to create, maintain, and encourage a social and intellectual community for postdoctoral scholars, visiting scholars, visiting student researchers, and graduate students in the humanities and social sciences.

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Dec 05   Film Screening of Frame by Frame: A Documentary About Afghanistan's Photojournalists

Screening of widely acclaimed film Frame by Frame: A Documentary About Afghanistan's Photojournalists. Talk and Q&A with producer Baktash Ahadi. Baktash is a social scientist who will, among other things, discuss his successful use of social science skills in becoming a film producer, teacher at the US Department of State, and many other things.


Community Matters

 What does a criminologist do in her free time? Teaching statistics in prison of course! You’re teaching … prison guards? No, I’m teaching inmates. What?! But… isn’t that dangerous? Are their guards with you in the classroom? Do you feel safe? These are often the first questions people ask me when I tell them I’m teaching through the Prison University Project in San Quentin State Prison. 

In this article, Sytske Besemer, a UC Berkeley postdoc in criminology, tells a gripping story about GRIP - Guiding Rage Into Power, a program for helping inmates at San Quentin Prison develop emotional intelligence. The article also touches on higher educational opportunities for the inmates. In a future article Sytske, who is an instructor at the Prison University Project at San Quentin, will address opportunities for members of the HSSA community to learn about and get involved in the initiative teaching college level courses at San Quentin.