Talks, Classes, and Seminars

Be informed about the most recent opportunities, problems and developments in the humanities and social sciences, such as the future of these fields in a technological age, scholarly publishing, and scientific developments.

Film Screening of Frame by Frame: A Documentary About Afghanistan's Photojournalists

Screening of widely acclaimed film Frame by Frame: A Documentary About Afghanistan's Photojournalists. Talk and Q&A with producer Baktash Ahadi. Baktash is a social scientist who will, among other things, discuss his successful use of social science skills in becoming a film producer, teacher at the US Department of State, and many other things.


Past Talks

Crowdsourcing Symposium

Exploring promises and problems of collective intelligence methods in humanities and social science research.

2015 Annual PhD Colloquium

This half-day event is designed to provide you with tools and strategies for organizing and managing cooperative ventures whether they take the form of a joint research proposal/project, a co-authored article, a conference/series of presentations, or even a university spin off.

Fourth Annual PhD Colloquium 2014: Expanded Pathways to Teaching Careers, Part III

The nature of teaching careers is undergoing important changes and, though the reasons are multiple, technological advances and the continued growth of online offerings are having a profound impact on teaching at all levels, not only at institutions dedicated to education but also in the industry. This impact will continue to increase as offerings evolve and diversify and as more experimentation takes place. While the looming changes and disruption are to some a source of trepidation, they are also a great source of opportunity. 

Fourth Annual PhD Colloquium 2014: Expanded Pathways to Teaching Careers, Part II

There are many career opportunities beyond the faculty position for PhDs or ABDs who have developed strong teaching skills.  Did you know that you could use the skills you learned as a teacher or GSI in a wide range of professional academic support roles in a college/university setting such as working with students in a writing or student learning center or providing support for technical innovations that impact pedagogy practices?  Did you know you could also take these skills and find satisfying work in the large and diverse non-profit sector? 

An Introduction to Academic Book Publishing: A Talk by Two Editors from Princeton University Press

The Humanities and Social Sciences Association is happy to announce that two editors from Princeton University Press, a leading academic press, will be coming to UC Berkeley to provide an overview of the publishing landscape.  


Fourth Annual PhD Colloquium 2014: Expanded Pathways to Teaching Careers

Do you want to know what it takes to be a successful candidate for a teaching position at liberal arts colleges, community colleges, and California State Universities? In California alone, there are 112 community colleges, 23 Cal States, and 21 liberal arts colleges versus only 10 UCs and a handful of other research universities. Do you want to get inside knowledge about 25 upcoming tenure-track positions at Cal State East Bay? Do you want to learn about the structure of the American higher education system?

Finding Meaning in Life After Academia - Lecture

One of the greatest challenges with leaving academia is trying to find a sense of meaning in life after years of believing that academic work is somehow more valuable than any other kind of work. This frustration can manifest itself in generally despondency about the void you can feel without academic work and second, unhappiness with how meaningless your everyday tasks are at your new job.

What can you do to prepare?

In this lecture, Dr. Elizebeth Segran will discuss

Humanities in the Age of Technology

We are very happy to announce our second event on technology for the academic year. Advances in technology have long been changing the way scholars work in terms of teaching, research, and administrative duties. The HSSA is well aware that tomorrow’s scholars will work in a different world than that of today, and is therefore taking concrete steps to offer opportunities to learn about the uses of technology relevant to teaching and research in the humanities and social sciences.

Advice for First-Time Authors Preparing to Seek a Publisher: A talk by two editors from the University of California Press

Are you looking to get your book manuscript published by a leading academic press? If you are, then this is the event for you! The Humanities and Social Sciences Association is proud to announce a talk by Kari Dahlgren and Eric Schmidt, two editors from the University of California Press, on strategies for scholars seeking to publish a book for the first time.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in various guises and variations are likely to exert a profound influence on education in the next decades. Participation in and knowledge of MOOCs is more limited among specialists in the Humanities and Social Sciences than it is among scientists and engineers at institutes of higher education. It is in this context that HSSA is organizing an event dedicated to MOOCs.