2015 PhD Colloquium: Let's do something together!

Whether you plan to pursue a career as an academic or in the business, government, or nonprofit realm, the ability to collaborate effectively has never been more important.  Yet if you are like most graduate students and postdocs, you have probably heard more about horror stories than successes when it comes to collaboration.


This half-day event is designed to provide you with tools and strategies for organizing and managing cooperative ventures whether they take the form of a joint research proposal/project, a co-authored article, a conference/series of presentations, or even a university spin off.  Learn about the DOs and the DON’Ts of successful collaborations from your peers, as well as a panel of more experienced leaders.  The session will also highlight how you can use such endeavors to demonstrate sought after teamwork/collaboration skills in your CV/resume when you are on the job market.

So, join us on Tuesday, September 1 for Let’s Do Something Together! The program will be followed by a complimentary, networking lunch which is co-sponsored by the Career Center and the Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs Program.


2015 PhD Colloquium Program





The Art of Collaboration

Kennan Salinero, Executive Director and President Yamana Science and Technology


Early Career Panel - Young scholars talk about their experience with collaboration

Joseph Gonzales, Assistant Professor, Electronical Engineering & Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley

Zehlia Babaci Wilhite, Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Education, UC Berkeley

Isabell Stamm, Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Sociology, UC Berkeley

Cleo Woelfle-Erskine, Postdoctoral Scholar, Energy and Resources Group, UC Berkeley


Coffee Break


How much collaboration is in your CV/resume?- Mini-workshop on how to showcase team-based skills and experience in your application materials

Andrew Green, Associate Director, The Career Center, UC Berkeley


Advanced Career Panel - Elevating collaboration within academia and beyond
Peter Fiske, President and CEO, PAX Water Technologies

Braden Penhoet, President, Evolution Materials Inc.

Kim Geron, Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science, CSU East Bay


Closing Address: Taking Action!

Peggy Szymanski, Senior Research Scientist at Xerox


Collab-LAB Luncheon