Fourth Annual PhD Colloquium 2014: Expanded Pathways to Teaching Careers

Do you want to know what it takes to be a successful candidate for a teaching position at liberal arts colleges, community colleges, and California State Universities? In California alone, there are 112 community colleges, 23 Cal States, and 21 liberal arts colleges versus only 10 UCs and a handful of other research universities. Do you want to get inside knowledge about 25 upcoming tenure-track positions at Cal State East Bay? Do you want to learn about the structure of the American higher education system? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should attend the annual UC Berkeley PhD Colloquium on September 2! This year’s colloquium is on Expanded Pathways to Teaching Careers. It covers all fields and features speakers from St Mary’s College, Berkeley City College, and California State University, East Bay. Free pizza and soft beverages will be served at lunchtime. 

Join us for this first of three events of a series on expanded pathways to teaching careers. The following two events will be held later this Autumn. Information will be posted on this website and sent out by the VSPA.


When: 9:30am-3pm

Where: Chevron Auditorium, International House

Registration: You may register for any or all of the three parts of the colloquium described below.




Welcome by Andrew Green, PhD, Associate Director, Career Center, UC Berkeley



Part I. Introduction to the US Higher Education System

This part provides an overview of the American higher education system. You will learn about its history, its institutional landscape, and the different teaching pathways within that landscape. 

Speaker: Carlos Cortez, PhD, Dean of Academic Pathways, Workforce Development, and Student Success, Berkeley City College Office of Instruction.



Part II. How to Get a Job at a Liberal Arts College, a Community College, and a California State University: A Panel Discussion

Applying for a tenure-track position at a 4-year research university, such as UC Berkeley, differs from applying to other types of higher education institutions. In this panel discussion, recently hired professors who have experience as members of search committees will give advice on how to make yourself as attractive as possible for the type of schools they are representing: a liberal arts college, a community college, and a California State University. Each panelist will speak for 10-15 minutes on what job applicants should think about when applying to their type of institution, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A. 


Jennie Guzman, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, California State

University, East Bay

Makiko Imamura, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, St Mary’s

College of California

Sarah Taylor, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, California State

University, East Bay

Patrick Zulkowski, Professor, Department of Mathematics, Berkeley City College



Lunch (pizza and soft beverages will be served)

Part III: Learn About California State University East Bay’s 25 Tenure Track Positions

Cal State East Bay will be hiring 25 tenure-track professors in 2014 and 2015 (see below for the full list of positions sought). Dianne Woods, University Diversity Officer at Cal State East Bay, will briefly describe these job opportunities. The remainder of this part will be interactive. Kim Geron, Equity Liaison Officer, and 10 faculty representatives from the four Colleges of Cal State East Bay (Letters, Arts and Social Sciences; Business and Economics; Education and Allied Studies; Science) will sit at field-assigned tables, where you will be welcome to join them. They will answer any question you might have about Cal State East Bay, not least what you should think about if you intend to apply for one of the upcoming 25 jobs!



Dr. Dianne Woods, Social Work Department and University Diversity Officer

Dr. Kim Geron, Political Science Department and Equity Liaison Officer

Dr. Howard Lei, Engineering Department

Dr. Dorsey Mitch Butler, Music Department

Dr. Leann Christianson, Computer Science Department

Dr. Elizabeth Bergman, Political Science Department

Dr. Sharon Radcliff, University Library Faculty

Dr. Ryan Lampe, Economics Department

Dr. Jason Smith, Health Sciences

Linda Dobb, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs

Dr. Jennie Guzman, Physics Department- Panel Presenter for the morning

Dr. Dianne Rush Woods, Office of University Diversity

Dr. Glen Taylor, Management Department

Dr. Kim Geron, Political Science Department & Diversity & Equity Liaison Officer

Dr. Carl Stempel, Sociology and Social Services Department

Dr. ZaNean McClain, Kinesiology Department

Dr. Sarah Taylor, Social Work Department


List of open positions at California State University, East Bay

Accounting/Finance- Taxation and Accounting

Economics- Econometrics

Management- Strategic Management

Marketing- Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Educational Leadership- Social Justice, Evaluation and Assessment

Kinesiology-Exercise Physiology and Wellness

Teacher Education- Science Education

Hospitality and Recreation- Hospitality, Research


Social Work – Child Welfare

Public Administration- Theory and EThics

Political Science – American Government Inst.

Art- Art History

Sociology- Education, Social Justice, Sustainability

Philosophy- Science, Environmental Ethics

Ethnic Studies- African American Social Justice, Sustainability, Environmental Racism,

Restorative Justice

Communicative Science- Speech and Language Pathology


Music- Key board Studies and Music Theory

Biology- Microbiology

Computer Science- Big Data to Cloud Computing

Engineering- Computer Engineering

Health Science- Pre-clinical and Administration and Management

Nursing- Medical/Surgical/Gerontology

Physics- Astrophysics and STEM Education

Psychology- Industrial/Organizational

Engineering- Civil, Construction

Library Sciences- Nursing


Organized by: The Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs Program, The Career Center, The Humanities and Social Sciences Association