Goal Statement

The goal of HSSA is to create, maintain, and encourage a social and intellectual community for postdoctoral scholars, visiting scholars, visiting student researchers, and graduate students in the humanities and social sciences. To this aim, HSSA is committed to pursuing the following:

  1. To foster the integration of scholars and students to campus and departmental life.
  2. To aid scholars and students with their career development, by providing them with useful resources on English academic writing, publication strategies, job market information, CV and cover letter writing, and social networking.
  3. To provide interdisciplinary research development opportunities for scholars and students, by arranging talks, seminars, workshops, and presentations, and facilitating the creation of discussion groups.
  4. To create social events that will enable scholars and students to relax and enjoy each other’s company off-campus, such as field trips and picnics.
  5. To provide scholars and students with practical information and support relating to Bay Area social life, family support, health insurance, and housing.

  6. To create and maintain an alumni association for scholars and students that will serve as a bridge back to UC Berkeley campus life.