Interdisciplinary Teaching Seminar: The future is now: How entrepeneurship is shaping nanotechnology applications

The Humanities and Social Sciences Association (HSSA) and the Berkeley Postdoc Association (BPA) are proud to announce the next lectures for the 2017 Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Teaching Series (OFIT) at UC Berkeley.

The massive growth and success of companies in tech over the past decades has fostered an archetype in the public mind. However, entrepreneurship extends beyond the tech industry and investors aren’t always looking for the next “killer app”. Recently, more and more small businesses have been piercing sectors such as aerospace, biosciences, and energy. One field in particular, nanotechnology, is rapidly making its way to the forefront and shifting established paradigms along its path. But what is nanotechnology? Why is it so promising and how far into the nanotech gold-rush are we? How can startups and entrepreneurs thrive in a field with such high costs and associated risks, which investors might shy-away from? 

In short, this lecture frames the multidisciplinary science and applications of nanotechnology in the broader socio-economic context. It is a tour guide for the uninitiated, science-enthusiasts, and budding entrepreneurs alike.


Edmond Huang, Postdoctoral Fellow, Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology, UC Berkeley 

Mateo Follmar Diaz, visiting student researcher, Mechanical Engendering Department, UC Berkeley, and Federal Institute for Technology in Zurich (ETZH)