Interdisciplinary Teaching Seminar: How is Big Data changing the way we learn today and educate future generations tomorrow?

The Humanities and Social Sciences Association (HSSA) and the Berkeley Postdoc Association (BPA) are proud to announce the next lectures for the 2017 Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Teaching Series (OFIT) at UC Berkeley.

In this lecture we emphasize the challenge of preparing future generations for their future new Jobs and the skills they require. We introduce the Big Data landscape and motivate its adoption in new industrial applications. More particularly, we discuss Big Data use cases in online social networks, finance, law, oil field, and bioinformatics.

Facebook has widely inserted itself in the daily life. This use case is dedicated to the study of user interactions on Facebook. The goal is to build a model able to predict the evolution of mobile application popularity based on user's opinion. A model that identifies sentiment polarity and scores the messages posted on Facebook pages will be presented. Some findings and issues will be discussed.

Regarding the law, big data era has arrived and leads to disruptive evolutions of the law. Big data challenges the law practices and education in many ways. The lecture focuses on three main topics: enforcement (how using big data to better predict and prevent crimes and offenses); data analytics (how to use big data to better analyze a case and improve legal reasoning) and education (how to prepare law students to the best use of big data).

Big data and artificial intelligence methods also have had tremendous impact on modern industries. In this talk we will go through the Smart Oil Field System in which we use big data to predict production trends, diagnose working conditions and offer decision-making strategies. The data-driven environment enables quick feedback, which helps engineers implement changes quickly and effectively. Key skills needed by big data engineers will also be addressed.

The bioinformatics component of the talk will focus on Personalized genomics and healthcare. Big data has revolutionized the field of healthcare with several landmark developments in the field over the past couple of decades. Some of the major developments, their current applications and future prospects will be discussed.


Moez Ben Hajhmida, visiting scholar at UC Berkeley EECS 

Sabarinath Subramaniam, Bioinformatician, Phoenix Bioinformatics

Samuel Ferey, visiting scholar at Bolt School of Law, UC Berkeley

Sara Soltanizadeh,  visiting scholar at Haas business school, UC Berkeley

Yueting Shi, visiting scholar at UC Berkeley EECS and BioE