The Nuts and Bolts of Leaving Academia, Part I: Workshop

As a starting point, it is important to realize that leaving academia and finding a new career will most likely be a long process, filled with bumps along the way.  In this workshop, Dr. Elizabeth Segran will discuss the process of leaving academia across two dimensions: coping with the emotional stress and dealing with the practical steps to making the move. 
In the first part of the session, Dr. Segran will discuss developing a support system for the journey, managing your expectations about how long it will take to find a new job and finding ways to overcome the disappointment about leaving your research behind. In the next part of the session, she will discuss how to plan for this transition financially, especially since you will probably have to do unpaid internships before landing a full-time gig. She will discuss how to pitch yourself to potential employers and how to transform your academic pedigree from a hurdle into an asset. 
Please come to the session with a notebook to capture your thoughts during brainstorming sessions and plenty of specific questions that the group can address together.