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The Humanities and Social Sciences Association Invites You to a Monthly Social Event!


If you are a UC Berkeley postdoc, visiting scholar, researcher, or graduate student in the humanities and social sciences, and want to get to know your colleagues in an informal and relaxed setting, then we have the event for you! The Humanities and Social Sciences Association hosts a monthly social event. The event takes the form of an informal get-together with complimentary refreshments.

Some meetings start off with a 5-minute presentation by a humanist or social scientist on their work: a great way to learn about other research going on at Berkeley. 

Take this opportunity to meet new people and make new friends and colleagues!

Selected Previous Speakers

Joanna Wolszczak-Derlacz, Visiting Scholar at the Center for Labor Economics, gave a talk on the efficiency determinants of the higher education sector in 28 countries.

Monica Libell, Visiting Scholar at the Center for Science, Technology, Medicine and Society, gave a talk on the origin of “scientific” classifications of human “races” in the thought of the 18th century Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus. Nicole Marie Rangel, graduate student at the School of Education, spoke on aspects of pedagogy that foster individual and social liberation, in particular the power of critical play and the arts to awaken and heal perception and relationships.  

Ron Makleff, graduate student at the Department of History, gave a talk on the tactile history of a single archive, challenging the role of rationalization and centralization in European state formation.

Huimin Ma, Visiting Scholar at Haas School of Business, talked about five elements with which we can better understand China. 

Rafael Dubeux, Visiting Student Resercher at Boalt School of Law, spoke on different strategies adopted by late industrialized nations to foster clean energy technologies.  

Lorena Ojeda-Dávila, Visting Scholar at the Department of History, spoke on land and forest conflicts in the indigenous lands of Michoacan, Mexico, from 1940 to 1990.

Christopher Chambers-Ju, graduate student at the Department of Political Science, gave a talk on "Entering the Electoral Arena: Teachers' Unions in New Democracies." 

Barbara Freeman, graduate student at the School of Education, spoke on "Financial Inclusion through Innovations in Education Technology."

Bilimoria Purushottama, Visiting Professor at UC Berkeley, delivered a talk on  "Gandhi and the African American Civil Rights Movement 1893-1993." 

Juan Mansilla gave a talk entitled "Living Metropolitan Cities: Online Video in Low-Income Communities."

Mike Vendetti, postdoc at the Wills Neuroscience Institute, presented his research asking the question: "Do We Reason in a Vacuum? Cognitive Effects as a Result of Analogical Reasoning." 

Giovanni Fonseca, visiting student researcher at the Department of Geography, gave a talk entitled "Rural Extension and Advisory Services in Brazil: Between Education and Regulation."

Elizabeth Terry, graduate student at the Department of History, gave a talk on "The Granada Venegas Family, 1431-1643: Nobility, Renaissance and Morisco Identity."

Marie Mourad, visiting graduate student at the Department of Sociology, spoke on "Adressing Excess Food and 'Waste' Through Changing Food Value(s) - A Comparative Approach from France and the United States."