Workshop: Tips for Successful Publication


Here, we discuss tips for successful publications as well as how to collect articles and edit them into a book. We also discuss how to communicate effectively with editors and reviewers, and what the process of editing books looks like, particularly for PostDocs and new Scholars in the Humanities. We share practical skills to deal with common issues after submitting an article to a journal or a manuscript to a publisher or enter into a contract about editing a volume. You are welcome to join our experts who have published articles, books and edited volumes with well-known publishers. They will share their experiences and you are welcome to ask questions or share your own experiences with other colleagues.

Lunch will be served. Please register below:

Presenters: Prof. Mayumo Inoue, PhD Candidate Weiyan Xiong, Dr. Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite, and Prof. Victor Kobayashi.