Writing Accountability Groups

"Writing Clubs"

The Writing Club is the nickname for the 'academic writing accountability group’ (a common program in many American universities) hosted by HSSA, the volunteer organization for postdocs and visitors in the humanities, arts, and social sciences at UC Berkeley.

Scholarly writing is difficult (procrastination, anxiety, mental blocks, poor concentration, loneliness, etc) and everybody needs psychological or emotional support sometimes. In addition, the pandemic has reduced the traditional ways we all look for social support - writing with friends, writing in libraries and cafes, etc. All members are expected to help keep the Writing Club a safe and supportive space.

The Writing Club helps by meeting each week to discuss your goals/progress/obstacles and co-present writing (writing in the presence of your peers). Moderated by peer volunteer moderators, each meeting begins and ends with fifteen minutes of supportive discussion with an hour of co-present writing between.

For more information, contact the coordinators at hssa.writing@gmail.com.